Singapore – My 3 day itinerary 

Even though I was only in Singapore for 3 days, that was plenty of time for me to fall in love with the sky scrapper jungle. I’ve decided that this is my favourite city I’ve visited so far, and it was definitely a highlight for me. Singapore is a small and mighty country, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in things to keep you busy, in fact it’s quite the opposite! 

Day 1 – 
We spent most of our first day strolling around the city. We went to Orchard road which is Singapores answer to Oxford street. Being on a travellers budget it was a very sad moment going into Sephora and realising that I couldn’t afford to buy anything (third world problems). We then continued to walk up to the Botanic Gardens which was beautiful. In my opinion it is definitely a must do in Singapore, the gardens are free to go into but you can pay $5 (that pricing may be a bit off) to go into the Orchid Garden which is equally as beautiful. You don’t have to go into the Orchid Garden, but $5 isn’t really a lot in the grand scheme of things. After we’d finished walking around the gardens it was about 7 o’clock so we went to Raffles Place to get some food, they have a massive food court there which sells a huge variety of food for a decent price. 

Enjoying the Botanic Gardens

Day 2 –
We became little kids again as we went to Universal Studios for the day (eeek). Now if you’re not really into theme parks you’re probably just going to skim read over this part, but honestly it was so good! It was a great day out, and there is so much to do there that you end up spending the entire day there. We arrived at about 11:30 and didn’t leave till around 19:30. There are other theme park type attractions to do like Wild Wild Wet. Some people say that you need two days to get round the whole park, but personally we found that two days was enough; even with the queues. We did and went on everything we wanted to, we also found that sometimes the wait time for a roller coasters would say 40 minutes, but it actually only took us 10 minutes to get through. Maybe something to bare in mind if you visit and you’re put off by all the waiting times.

The kingdom of Far Far Away at Universal Studios

After our adrenaline filled day, we decided we wanted to properly see the city at night, we had a glimpse of it the night before but we wanted to properly see the whole city. We went to the epic Altitude bar, and although this is rather pricey it is a must do in Singapore. It was one of the highlights of my trip so far and will be a night I’ll always remember, the view was just incredible! It cost us $35 dollars each to go up but you get a premium drink included within that price that is usually $25 dollars at the bar. We didn’t think the price was bad because we enjoyed the view so much. 

Epic view from the Altitude bar

After spending about an hour at the Altitude bar, we decided that the drinks were a bit too pricey for our budget. So we went to Clarkes Quay which is full with bars, clubs and a great atmosphere. Singapore is definitely a good night out (I mean you know it’s been a good night when you don’t get home till 4 in the morning…)
Day 3 – 
Because we woke up with rather sore heads, feeling a bit sorry for ourselves the first thing we did was grab some food. We went to the food court at Raffles Place where we went on our first day. I had the nicest falafel wrap in the world from the Turkish food stand. It’s not the most traditional dish you’d find in Singapore, but if you’re a big falafel fan, I’d 100% recommend to go there. We had planned to go to see the Super Trees and Marina Bay Sands in the evening, so we didn’t really do much in the day apart from go to the cinema. We went to Chinatown and Little India, but we didn’t stay there for very long. We just waked around both places to see what they were like. We did walk past this interesting Temple in Chinatown, which had lots of colourful statues out side it. We didn’t go in but the outside looked really nice, may be something to check out if you visit. The Super Trees definitely look better at night. You can pay to do the sky walk which is basically a bridge that goes through the Super Trees, but when we went there was a 40 minute wait so we decided not to do it. You still get a good view of the trees if you even if you don’t do the walk. They also have a garden with loads of lite up dinosaurs, and light show which is free to watch and pretty spectacular. 

Super Trees

Overall, Singapore was a 10/10 for me. Was 3 days long enough? Although I’d happily go back there I would say 3 days was long enough, we did and saw everything that we wanted to. I’m sure however if we were there for longer we would have found more things to do. If Singapore isn’t on you list of places to visit, you need to add it on there! 


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