Back to reality…NOOOO

As you can probabaly guess from the title, my 6 month travelling adventure has now come to an end *sobbing*. Although for now my travel have come to end, I’ve learnt so much from my first adventure and I definitely know that it won’t be my last! 

I’ve officially been back in the UK now for just over 3 weeks and I’ve been working at my old 9-5 office job for two of them. It feels so surreal to think that the last 6 months of my life even happened. After a week of being home I quickly realised that nothing had changed (there’s a surprise) and I wouldn’t be staying for very long. 

I know it’s very cliche how people say they ‘find themselves’ when they go travelling; but it really does give you a different perspective on life. Seeing different parts of the world and travelling has helped me to realise what I want from life. As lame as it sounds, and believe me I know how it sounds, travelling has well a truly changed me for the better. I strongly support anyone’s aspirations to go out and see more of the world. It will hands down be the best thing you ever do…have you ever heard of anyone that went travelling and didn’t enjoy it? No? Me neither.

Although yes I am now sort of back to ‘square one’ it would seem as I’m back at my old job, I know it’s only a temporary thing. I’ve definitely got the bug and plan on booking my next flight out of sunny old England (no sarcasm there as it genuinely is sunny at the moment) as soon as I have the dollar too! 
But for now, I’ll just dream of this Gili T sunset and imagine I’m on a beach in Bali eating Nasi Goreng. 


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