About me

Day dreamer into life liver.

Wandering and stumbling around the world with the hope I’ll find something interesting to write about. Not trying to make a difference in the world, just trying to see it! All opinions I post here are my own, and are 100% honest.

Born and bred in Cambridge, about half way through my first year of sixth form was when I started thinking about travelling. Before that I had just assumed I would follow in my sisters footsteps and finish school and go onto university. The idea of taking a couple of years out to travel just appealed to me so much more than going straight to university. As sixth form continued and exam stress built up I really began to day dream of white sandy beaches and blue water seas.

However, it wasn’t until I had actually finished school and got a full time job that I actually began to look into how much it would cost to make my dream a reality. Trust me it didn’t come cheap. A year of working long hours at various jobs has allowed me to get to where I am today; hostel hopping on a weekly basis and forgetting what day of the week it is. Which is a mixture is bliss and agony at times. But life is definitely what you make it and I hope to make this a good one!